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This Charming Hat

Newborn photography is a huge industry. Proud parents take their gorgeous newborns to a studio, or book a mobile photographer, to capture the wonder of this amazing new person on camera. The cute little poses on some of the photographs (created by carefully and safely supporting the baby and then editing the shots) will melt any heart and this art has become increasing popular over the last few years.

Props add an extra cute factor to these photos. Unusual knitted hats, beautiful headbands, sweet baskets, stunning backdrops are just a few examples. Some newborn photographers are just so talented and have a such an amazing eye for colour and texture and their photos are just swoonsome (the cute babies help a lot of course awww).

When I became pregnant 8 years ago I of course became a little bit obsessed with buying baby clothes and stumbled across a few newborn photo prop listings on websites such as eBay and Etsy. Ahh the cute hats. Big pointy gnome hats, bright colors, unusual textures. I needed some. I proceeded to knit.

It took a few years actually for me to perfect the knitting of these little hats. I had to track down the right yarns, work out how to knit them, and find my own style. When I was satisfied with my work and the time was right, I started a business selling them. Here is a link if you would like to see some of my knitting in action.

Most of the hats were made only once and came from my brain. I loved to use handspun yarn to create unusual and unique pieces. The business was quite successful and I loved nothing more than seeing the professional photos featuring gorgeous babies wearing my creations. Some even made it into magazines and newspapers, here are is one on a magazine cover. How exciting!

I still make a few as it’s very enjoyable. However I don’t have the time to go for it like I used to. I will be blogging about how to make them, how to sell them, and about where to get the yarn and inspiration. Hats are so nice to knit, so quick, so satisfying, and so creative. Thanks very much for reading hope to see you again soon.