The Fook It Scarf

I haven’t been very well lately. A bit low and very tired. Recovering from a slight head injury caused by a badly performed Genki move. Had a few stitches in the head, those are gone now and energy is once again increasing and I decided to knit some scarves.

SOME is the key word here. Started three, finished one. Had two on the go, both have mistakes in, and quite frankly I lost the oomph. However, I wanted a punk rock one of a kind type scarf so I thought fook it I will just sew everything together.

Here are the bits…

Well I’m going to add some more bits and then sew it all together, and then make a matching Fook It hat.

Will model it in a future blog when it’s finished…what do you think? Is it a good or bad idea?

Oh by the way here’s me in the scarf I actually managed to finish, I quite like it…

Can’t do subtle. It just doesn’t happen.

Well have a great day anyway. I shall now partake of a nice cup of tea and look for ideas for the project that will come after the Fook It scarf…

Or maybe just have a snooze.

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Hand in Glove


I am completely addicted to knitting wristwarmers. Nice and simple, no thumbs to struggle with when I am tired, and the best thing is that a pair can be made with just one 50g ball of wool. Perfect to knit when trying out new yarn, or expensive yarn.

I made these from noro kureyon yarn. Went on a bit of a Noro shopping spree as I have never tried it before. That link is connected to Amazon UK, where I bought it from. I buy quite a bit of yarn from there. Will link in some other suppliers at the end of the blog, and some other yarns that would work well. The kureyon is a pure wool, its not the softest in the world, however I love the rich and beautiful colours and really enjoyed working with it.

I love self striping yarn, especially for wrist warmers. Love that they don’t match somehow. I think self striping works well in this check pattern too.

Here is my pattern, give it a try 🙂

With 5mm straight needles, cast on 32 stitches. Leave long yarn tails throughout the project, makes sewing up at the end easier.

First 8 rows  – work k2, p2 rib.

Then commence check pattern as follows

Rows 1,2,3,4 – *k4, p4 : repeat from *to end of row

Rows 5,6,7,8 – *p4, k4 : repeat from *to end of row

Repeat this set of 8 rows 4 times. You should end up with 8 lots of squares. You can of course knit more for a longer glove, or knit a longer rib before you start the squares. My specified length will however only requires one 50g ball.

Then knit 6 rows of k2,p2 rib. Cast off on the 6th rib row, on the wrong side. Cast off in the k2,p2 rib stitch.

Follow this pattern twice, unless you only want one hand in glove 🙂

Then simply sew up the tubes leaving a hole for your thumbs. I always sew up while wearing the gloves so that I can see how the thumb hole looks. If you dont want to do that, leave the three squares just before final ribbed piece unsewn.

Weave in the ends and wear your wristwarmers with great happiness.

Wool Notes –

UK : The Noro Kureyon is available from Amazon, link as above. A good alternative, and much softer and cheaper, also available at Amazon, is riot chunky by King Cole. I absolutely love that yarn.

Carnival Chunky is another yarn that works lovely with this pattern. This link will take you to Deramores, which ships pretty much worldwide. They sell Noro and King Cole too. If you fancy something bright and neon check out Katia funky chunky following this link to take you to a half price offer at Minerva Crafts.

USA:  I found the Noro Kureyon at FiberWild! One of the colours is discontinued and there is a special offer on the price at the moment. I think that Chroma Worsted Yarn from Knitpicks looks wonderful and has great reviews.

I would love to know what you think about this pattern or about any great yarn that you think would suit the pattern! Happy knitting!

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Little Stripey Elf Hat

I absolutely love to knit this little newborn hat. Its somehow addictive as it involves counting and when the shaping part starts it is very satisfying to watch the hat complete really quickly.  They make awesome photo props and have been very popular with newborn photographers. Here are some which I made in action as props…

I love it so much that I thought I would share my pattern.

This hat is not suitable for every day wear due to the long tail, however you could just omit the tail for an equally cute little garment.

The yarn that is used in these photographs is Sirdar Supersoft Aran. I always buy it from Deramores (a UK company)  as they deliver pretty quickly and often have good sales on. Here is a link to the store…

You can substitute the yarn with any aran/worsted yarn. I looked at some USA websites, Knit Picks has some yarns which look similar, for example Brava Worsted and at the FiberWild! online store I found Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, which I once used to make a whole bunch of these hats for a photographer. She felt that more expensive yarn looked better in her images. I was only too happy to oblige. Stunning and gorgeous yarn!

Well here is the pattern. Enjoy, and any feedback is of course very welcome!

One pair of 5mm straight knitting needles.
Approx 20g each of two colours of aran yarn. The hats in the photographs are made with Sirdar Supersoft Aran.
Scissors and needle for sewing up.
Choose the main colour which you will use for the brim (colour A)
The other yarn will be used for the contrast stripe (colour B – in the picture above white is colour B)
With 5mm needles and colour A, cast on 50 stitches.
Row 1 – * k2,p2 repeat from * to end of row
Row 2 – *p2, k2 repeat from * to end of row
Repeat these 2 rows 3 times more, so you have a total of 8 rows of 2×2 rib.
The rest of the hat is knit in stocking stitch (knit one row, purl one row) changing colours every 2 rows. Both shades of yarn are carried up through the work so do not cut the yarn. Here are row by row instructions for the main body of the hat.
1 attach colour B and with colour B knit entire row
2 with colour B purl entire row
3 with colour A knit entire row
4 with colour A purl entire row
5 with colour B knit entre row
6 with colour B purl entire row
7 with colour A knit entire row
8 with colour A knit entire row
9 with colour B, knit entire row decreasing 2 stitches evenly across the row
10 with colour B purl entire row
11 with colour A, (k10,k2tog) to end of row
12 with colour A purl entire row
13 with colour B, (k9,k2tog) to end of row
14 with colour B purl entire row
15 with colour A, (k8,k2tog) to end of row
16 with colour A, purl entire row
17 with colour B, (k7,k2tog) to end of row
18 with colour B, purl entire row
19 with colour A,(k6,k2tog) to end of row
20 with colour A, purl entire row
21 with colour B,(k5,k2tog) to end of row
22 with colour B, purl entire row
23 with colour A, (k4,k2tog) to end of row
24 with colour A, purl entire row
25 with colour B (k3,k2tog) to end of row
26 with colour B purl entire row
27 with colour A, (k2,k2tog) to end of row
28 with colour A, purl entire row
29 with colour B, (k1,k2tog) to end of row
30 with colour B, purl entire row
31 with colour A (k1,k2tog) twice, k2
32 with colour A purl entire row
33 with colour B(k1,k2tog) twice
34 with colour B purl entire row
35 with colour A knit entire row
36 with colour A purl entire row
37 with colour B knit entire row
38 with colour B purl entire row
39 with colour A knit entire row
40 with colour A purl entire row
41 with colour B knit entire row
42 with colour B purl entire row
43 with colour A knit entire row
44 with colour A purl entire row
45 with colour B k2tog twice
46 with colour B p2tog
You now need to cut the 2 strands of yarn LONG ENOUGH to form the braided tail, 80cm is the approximate length used in the photographs. Once cut, thread both strands through the remaining stitch and pull to secure.
Sew up the back seam and sew in all ends.
Now cut one length of each colour yarn twice the length of the desired tassle length (so 160cm for the hats in the photographs).
Thread both strands onto a needle and thread through the top of the hat where the other 2 strands are. Pull until you have 6 strands of an even length at the end of the hat. Braid, and knot to secure when the desired length is reached, and trim as desired.

Abbreviations Used
K – knit
P – purl
K2tog – knit 2 together
P2tog – purl 2 together

I have a few other patterns available on Ravelry really must get designing some more!

Thanks very much for reading.

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