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Two needle baby cocoon

Today I felt like knitting a baby cocoon. I love to knit these when watching a movie as they take about the same time and just go round and round and theres no need to concentrate much at all.

Well I have completely lost my circular needles. Gone. Aaaghr. But no longer aaaghrrr as I simply made it on straight needles and it required just as little concentration. Deep joy.

Anyway, here is the result…


The set, and the pattern to knit a two needle cocoon is available in my Etsy store

The available pattern uses James C Brett Marble Chunky  (link leads to Deramores online store, they ship worldwide and I use them all the time). I have sold several cocoons made from this amazing, soft, self striping yarn, they have been very popular. Here are a couple of examples…

Cute or what!!!

I fancy making a plain one next with flowers sewn on. Really do enjoy making these.

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