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The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

I guess there isn’t anything much nicer than knitting for ones own children. I looked at some old photos today and sadly there are hardly any pictures featuring my long lost knitting. However, I found some pics from the last few years and decided to share them. Aww the cuteness of their little or not so little faces makes my heart melt.

Some of the knitting is possibly a bit bizarre though…

Hmm I duunnooo about this Mohawk hat. DIfferent at least.
A woman on a train started screaming and called my daughter a goblin thanks to this hat. I was not impressed by that whatsoever.
Loved this hat made from hand spun yarn. Yummy!
Loved this. The yarn is discontinued and impossible to buy now and I will always feel sad about that.
My daughter loved her red riding hood cape aww
My daughter loves her circle scarf. I love this yarn.
Yes a happy pointy hat wearer at last!
Totoro hat!
My oldest daughter loved this rainbow hat ❤️

Well that has made me want to pick up my needles so I think I will!  Will write more about some of these projects at a later date.

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