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Pompoms Rock

Pompoms Rock is an idea for a knitting business that I had a few years ago. I was a single parent and I had previously had a little work at home business selling various things on ebay. Mostly ribbons and crafting materials.  I did that when my daughter was a baby. When she started to crawl and empty every single box she could find it became too much for me and I stopped. I started to knit after a few years away from it. It was relaxing and I could do it at soft play and on the park and so on. A few friends bought some little hats from me, and then I decided to try and sell my knitting as a business.

I set the business up with the tax office and so on, and decided to call it Pompoms Rock. The idea is that I would create and sell all things pompom. Cool, funky stuff. That never really happened though.

I ended up selling newborn photo props to professional photographers, and actually it turned out to be quite a good idea. I will blog more about the actual designs and knits later, and about the best ways to sell your knitting.

I really want to move forward now and try to accomplish the original pompom dream. (Yes pompoms are definitely worth dreaming about).

This blog is an attempt to inspire me, and maybe by writing it I can inspire other knitters too. I will explore new stitches, try some new yarn and patterns, and get back the love. I am not here to sell my knitting, but to create.

And I really will make some pompoms. Pompoms Rock.


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